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9 Bedroom Design Trends We’re Watching

9 Bedroom Design Trends We’re Watching

The style, layout, and design of your bedroom- from linens to lighting- all play a critical role in creating the artistry of that perfect space. Your furniture, art, and bed position are your tools: your bedroom is your canvas.

If you’re rethinking your bedroom design this spring 2019, here are trends we’re watching when it comes to creating that bedroom of your dreams.

Canopy Beds
Nothing makes you feel like royalty more than an elaborate canopy bed. From ethereal draping canopies to tall, majestic headboards, canopy beds create an aura of relaxation and respite in any room. While you might think of canopy beds as elaborate pieces for children’s rooms, more adults are realizing the benefit of a luxurious canopy bed when that style is done right.

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Maximizing Space: Daybeds & Storage Beds
Maximizing space goes a long way in creating the sanctuary you want. After all, the more space you have in your bedroom, the more you can do with it. From daybeds to under-bed drawers, storage beds are a great way to clear the clutter from your bedroom or hide an extra bed (trundle). Storage beds are a practical (and stylish) investment that not only simplify your life but organize your space according to your needs.

Mixed Media
From brass and iron beds to accent knobs on furniture, mixed metal accents create a worldly, dimensional aesthetic that underscores the air of luxury a canopy bed creates. Mixed metal accents are definitely in style in 2019, with brass and iron particularly transitioning from their reputation as vintage decor to accents with an on-trend, more modern appeal.

Combining two different elements can also help tie together your favorite pieces, even if they aren’t in the same style category.

- Mixed media trends we’re watching:
  Blending two different materials in the same piece for interest and versatility.
- Using natural materials lends an organic appeal (wood & iron, bamboo & wood, bronze & iron)

Hotel-inspired Bedrooms
Hotel rooms have so many benefits we all love and their fresh clean sophisticated style is one we aim to emulate! They are clean, they are simple, and they are where we relax on that most relaxing of occasions (a vacation!). Hotel bedroom design can be a source of fresh inspiration for your bedroom.

Mismatched Furniture
Have you ever worried about your bedroom furniture not matching? Congratulations, that’s in style now! When done tastefully, mismatched furniture (metal bed with wood table, stained wood bed with painted iron table, lucite table with upholstered bed) creates an atmosphere of design, contrasting styles, and appealing stimuli that takes your bedroom to a new level.

Layered Linens
Linens can also be used to give your bed that designer look. Layering your bedspread with duvets, throw pillows, fur throws, and more adds an air of luxury and sophistication to your bedroom.

Vintage Mixed with Modern
Vintage mixed with modern furniture gives a room a sense of history, yet a freshness that’s so popular today. So try a vintage reproduction iron bed with a craftsman modern table or a modern upholstered bed with a cast iron bedside table.

Unusual Headboards
When thinking about your new bedroom style, an exotic headboard could be just the unique focal point you need. Unusual headboards are a trend and can be easily added to your existing bed frame. “Unusual” could be defined to any degree depending on the style and aesthetic of your design, but don’t feel constrained by traditional styles when you’re thinking through what you want for your bed.

Modern Farmhouse Style
A balanced blend of rustic and refined, the modern farmhouse style continues to be a rising trend. It takes us back to our roots yet has a simplicity that is so appealing.

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