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A Bed of Resilience: A Customer Testimonial From Victims of Hurricane Katrina

A Bed of Resilience: A Customer Testimonial From Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina before and after photo

In the wake of the devastating Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Joanna and Shawn faced the unimaginable loss of their home, belongings, and cherished memories. However, amidst the ruins, they discovered an unexpected beacon of hope—their Worthen Furniture (previously Brass Beds of Virginia) headboard and footboard, miraculously intact. What follows is a testimonial that captures the profound significance of this remarkable bed and the compassion shown during their journey of survival and recovery.

"On August 29th, Hurricane Katrina took nearly everything from us - our home, our belongings, and our memories. When we returned to our Mississippi home for the first time, fearing everything lost, we were amazed to find our Brass Beds of Virginia headboard and footboard waiting for us in the mud where our home used to be! To be excited at a moment as tragic as this is hard to explain - but this was no ordinary bed to us. We purchased our BBV iron and brass bed in 2001 after enduring twelve years of marriage with a simple frame that comes with the purchase of a mattress. Our BBV bed (now Worthen) is one of very few items we were able to salvage from what remains of our home. From the photos below, you'll understand why we were so shocked to find all the metal parts of our bed, undamaged. The bed was so well made and heavy - it didn't float away with the rest of the house.
We brought the bed via U-Haul to Virginia Beach, where we have since relocated. Virginia Beach has been our Navy home three times before. After calling Levin's [a former local Virginia BBV dealer] to inquire about restoration and after explaining what happened, they said not only can they restore it, but that it would be ''free of charge!" The compassion and generosity Levin's and Brass Beds of Virginia has shown us has been incredibly heart-warming. Katrina left us very little to call our own. This bed will always remind us of our survival and recovery. It is truly an heirloom. One day when our grandchildren and great-grandchildren snuggle up with us, we will tell them the amazing story of our very special bed.
Sincerely, Joanna and Shawn"
 a Mississippi home shown before the events of Hurricane Katrina an empty lot where a home, devastated by Hurricane Katrina, once stood
Joanna and Shawn's devastating experience during Hurricane Katrina highlights the resilience of the human spirit and the unexpected treasures that can emerge from the midst of tragedy. The unwavering craftsmanship of the Worthen Furniture bed, along with the compassionate support of Levin's and Brass Beds of Virginia, has turned this seemingly ordinary piece of furniture into a symbol of strength and perseverance. Their remarkable story will continue to inspire future generations and serve as a testament to the power of hope and restoration.  
Thank you to Joanna and Shawn for entrusting us with the creation of their bed and for sharing their extraordinary experience with us. It is stories like Joanna and Shawn's that inspire us to continue crafting exceptional furniture that withstands the tests of time and becomes a cherished part of our customers' lives.