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Are you guest ready for the holidays?

Are you guest ready for the holidays?

With the holidays coming up, we are offering tips on how to make your spare room the ultimate getaway for guests.  From travel delays to overcooked turkeys, the holidays throw a lot at us, and we all need a good night’s rest to enjoy a day with family and friends.   Creating a guest room that is peaceful, comfortable, and inviting is so important and essential to being a good host.  We are here to help you get started!

Check your mattresses

At BBV we have top-quality mattresses -swap out the basic bedding for a truly comfy mattress with matching linens.   Throw in some comfy throws and quilts – Add a heavy blanket to the end of the bed for those who like a lot of weight on their bodies during sleep.  After a busy day, a heavy blanket can help settle the body and the nervous system and can be a wonderful support to a good night’s sleep.

Include a Thoughtful gift

Looking for a thoughtful gift to greet your guests? Leave a blank journal next to their bed, so they can jot down random thoughts and ideas in the wee hours. Studies show journaling can be helpful for an active mind and gives those restless sleepers a place to record those to-do’s that might keep them up at night.

Add a Turndown Touch

Give your guests a signature scent that gives off a soft light ensuring cozy sleep vibes for your guests.   You can also pair a selection of books on the end table to help reduce stress.  Did you know reading before bed can relax a person significantly? Reading a book is an active engaging of the imagination which can cause you to enter an altered state of consciousness offering a better night’s sleep.