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Buying The Best Bed Frame For You

Buying The Best Bed Frame For You

We spend about one-third of our lives in bed. Therefore, to be healthy and happy, we need to invest in our sleep and the right bed frame is important to ensure proper sleep. A good quality bed can provide you the support, space, and comfort that you need to have proper rest at night. 

Hints That It Is Time To Replace The Old Bed Frame 

Bed frames are one of the longest functioning items seen in every household and they undergo wear and tear with time. It is important to make certain that your bed is still usable, as making use of a broken bed frame can lead to poor sleep and even injuries.

The below signs can let you know that it is time to replace your bed frame. 

  • Not getting the necessary support even after replacing the mattress. 
  • Waking up achy and drained. 
  • Recently having your best night’s sleep on a different bed. 
  • Sagging or uneven base of the bed making the mattress sink. 
  • The bed frame makes creaking noises when you move. 
  • Finding broken or warped bed slats. 
  • Spotting cracked or split wood under the frame or on the bed slats. This indicates that the bed can fall to pieces at any time. 
  • The bed frame looks worn and used. 
  • Bent, loose, missing, or twisted fixings set into the bed frame. 

If you notice any of these signs, you need to understand that it is time to replace your bed. You can choose from metal bed frames, wooden bed frames, upholstered bed frames, etc. 

Getting The Proper Measurements 

When planning to buy bed frames, it can be difficult to visualize the area that the bed frame will take up in the room. To solve this, you need to decide on the area to place the bed frame and mark out the area with masking tape. Make sure that there is adequate space for other furniture. It will be ideal to leave about half a meter of free space around the bed, as it can ensure that you can walk around comfortably. In addition, check that you have sufficient space to open the door in full, needless to mention the drawers and wardrobes.

If you plan to share the bed with someone else, you will need to consider many other additional factors. The bed frame should be fifteen centimeters longer than the tallest partner. Also, take into consideration the comfort of sprawling without knocking elbows with your partner.