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Finding The Worth Of Your Brass Bed


When you pay for quality, you deserve to get quality items and the case is the same in the case of brass beds. Before buying a brass bed, you need to understand that there are many differences between mass-produced beds and custom made metal beds. You may have inherited the brass bed, bought it in some auction, or bought it new, and would like to learn more, being a mindful buyer. So, how can you find the worth of your brass bed? Read along to know. 

Step 1: Determining The Age Of The Bed 

The first step to finding out the value of your iron or brass bed is figuring how old the bed is. The first-ever recorded use of brass was in the 18th century, where it was made into furniture. You may check the bed for manufacturer markings as these markings can let you know when and where the metal bed was manufactured. You can use the information on the manufacturer to search online and understand the manufacturing quality, location, and age of the company. 

Step 2: Determining The Grade Of The Bed 

To find out the grade of your brass bed, you need not be adept in metal beds. However, you need to do some careful investigation. You can start by examining the brass. Brass metal comprises zinc and copper and copper is the main component. Depending on the amount of tin and zinc present, the color of brass can vary from golden to silvery yellow. The silverer the color, the cheaper will be the brass. 

Step 3: Determining The Price Range Of The Bed 

To determine the price range of the bed, you need to check if all the parts of the bed are there. Check for missing bolts, side rails, feet, slats, etc. After that, check the intricacy of the workmanship, the uniqueness of the design, and the popularity of the look of the bed. All these elements influence the value of the brass bed. You may also need to inspect whether or not a standard-size mattress fits on the bed. Many old metal beds will need custom size mattresses, making them less desirable and less valuable. 

Based on your findings from your investigation, you can search for similar items online and find how much these items are listed for. You can check different online platforms that sell brass beds to understand the price range of your bed.