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Headboards And Their Variants 

Headboards And Their Variants 

Selecting a headboard that can match the theme of your bedroom is very important in having a beautiful design. The headboard is a centerpiece that makes a statement. Furthermore, it offers comfort and functionality. How you use the headboard plays a significant role in the buying process. For example, if you would like to sit against the headboard, you may go for an upholstered headboard, and if you have metal beds, you may wish to have headboards made of specific metals like brass to match the beds. Read along to know the variants in which these headboards are sold.

Types Of Headboards: 

Headboards can be made of different materials and some of the popular varieties of headboards are discussed below.

Wood Headboards: 

Wood is one of the most common materials used for headboards. For people with allergies, a wooden headboard can be a very good choice. This is because wood does not hold on to dust and is very easy to clean.

Metal Headboards: 

Many different metals are used to make headboards. For instance, brass beds can have brass headboards and wrought iron beds can have iron headboards. Some of the common types of metal headboards are:

Wrought Iron Headboards: 

Wrought iron is a traditional choice of material for headboards. Headboards made of iron need to be maintained periodically to prevent rusting. These types of headboards will usually be attached to the bed frame, as they can be too heavy to be hung from walls.

Brass Headboards: 

Brass headboards can be a great choice for people who do not like the look of wrought iron, but still wishes to have a metal headboard. Brass is a metal that is very durable. Therefore, many brass headboards that were made decades ago are still in great condition. Vintage brass headboards can go well with shabby chic decor. Also, new brass bed frames are available in modern designs to suit the modern looks of your bedroom.

Fabric Headboards: 

Many people prefer upholstered fabric headboards in their bedrooms. These headboards are available in many different designs and the fabric can provide a relaxing place to lean against. Some of the popular fabrics used are cotton linen and synthetic materials. These headboards might not be a suitable choice for people with allergies as dust can collect on the upholstery of these headboards. They need to be vacuumed frequently to avoid dust from collecting.