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How to Choose the Best Bed

How to Choose the Best Bed

Photo Credit: Rachel Robshaw

Whether you are choosing a bed to update your bedroom decor or for your own comfort, a bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. With generations of expertise in creating the perfect bed, we’ve put together some of the best tips and tricks our team and family has gathered over the years to make your bedroom upgrade a little easier. So, here’s how to choose the best bed for your bedroom!

First, look for a bed with the bedroom design you are going for. Whether you’re going for a bohemian (or boho) bedroom look, or your bedroom is going to have more of a Mid-Century Modern bedroom look to it, your bed will be a major showpiece of the room so you want to ensure it’s making the right statement. BBV has beds for all styles and can be customized in color and finishings to help you accomplish your desired bedroom style.


Photo credit: Brittany Ambridge

BBV’s iron bed frames are available in many shapes, finishes and colors so we they can be customized to the style of your liking. BBV’s metal bed frames have an open “architecture”, making them an excellent choice for smaller bedrooms.


Photo credit: House Beautiful

Once you have determined the style of your bed, you want to think about if this bed will be a “forever piece” in your furniture collection.  Do you want your bed to last you for generations to come? Determine if the construction of the bed is going to allow your purchase to give you years of pleasure. If you’re looking for a bed frame that will be sturdy and last for years, an iron or steel bed frame may be the perfect answer. The most obvious advantages of iron and steel bed frames are strength and durability, since it does not warp, bend, or sag as it ages. Metal is a solid and tough material that ages well and with quality construction, it can withstand any amount of weight!

We’ve also put together a few questions to consider before making a new bed purchase:


Will the bed frame hold up to 800 pounds or more of weight?

Will the frame move, wobble, or squeak if you jump on it (or get wildly passionate)?

Does the bed use a bolt joint frame or a locking frame? Bolts and screws can loosen with time, sometimes from the beginning. Locking bed frames have slots or holes on the headboard or footboard where you can insert or hook-on the bed rails. Once inserted, the hook will slip down to lock in place, for good.

Is the finish guaranteed to last?

Is the bed easy to take-down and set up? Are there too many parts in the assembly?

Are the side rails and slats wood or metal? Wood can warp. Used as a structural support, angle iron is a part of the strongest built bed frames.

Are there extra supports such as legs that attach to the frame and rails?


And of course, you should make sure the manufacturer has been around a long time and stands behind their products. Check out customer reviews and the BBB so you can feel incredibly confident when purchasing your BBV iron bed or metal bed frame.

We are proud of our Heirloom Guarantee at Brass Beds of Virginia. Our customers will verify that we stand behind our products! Your bed construction is GUARANTEED to last for your lifetime and your heir’s.