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How To Style A Canopy Bed

How To Style A Canopy Bed

The classic canopy bed – a bedroom style that has been around for centuries – originally due to its function, but stood the test of time due to their romantic charm.

Canopy Beds were initially created to offer privacy to its sleeper by allowing one to envelope themselves in a soft wall of curtains and draped fabric. The fabric walls also added an element of warmth to the sleeper well before we could adjust our heat with the touch of a smartphone…

The grandeur of a Canopy Bed has the power to add comfort to a large room and size to a small room. Here are a few of our favorite design tips and tricks on how to style a canopy bed!

Do you want curtains on your canopy bed?

Whether you choose to add curtains or fabric to your canopy bed or not, you can’t go wrong. Adding traditional fit curtains will tighten the look of your canopy bed while loosely draping fabric over the top of your canopy bed will add a bohemian and whimsical look to your bedroom. For a modern look canopy bed, leave the curtains or fabric off and try tight fitting monochromatic bedding in a dark color or crisp white.

Anchor a large space with a canopy bed.

Is your bedroom so large you don’t know how to fill the space? While we might be jealous of all that space, we also have some ideas for you to fill it.

A canopy bed easily takes the stage when in any room but it especially helps to anchor larger rooms. The visual effect of a large canopy bed will draw the eye right towards it. Tall ceilings have met their match…

Use the framed space behind the bed as a focal point.

The canopy bed creates an automatic “framed” space behind the bed – take advantage of this framed space by using it as a space to display your favorite art or an oversized mirror.

Go for a bohemian and whimsical bedroom decor by letting the vines of a long plant wrap around and hang over the canopy. Or add a touch of drama to your canopy bed by hanging a unique lighting fixture or chandelier from one side. Check out custom canopy beds at the Georges Inn in Lexington, Virginia.

There you have it, how to style a canopy bed. And yes, we too have been dreaming about having one since childhood…

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