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How to Style Antique Furniture in a Modern Space

How to Style Antique Furniture in a Modern Space

Some people enjoy having their home decorated in one specific style. While that works for some, unique pieces that are personal to you make a space yours. Mixing modern and antique pieces in a space is a great way to establish and hone your personal style. Often time we get mislead by the notion that our space has to be one style i.e. French Country, Midcentury Modern, Traditional, Eclectic etc. What separates one uniform style from defining your unique space is using elements that are personal to you to tie a space together.
Often times we find ourselves in an antique store, inheriting beloved pieces, or shopping online thinking to ourselves, “I love that, but it could never work in my space.” With a few simple design tweaks, you could make any piece work all while really defining your own personal style.

Inherited a family brass bed? Find a pre-loved one with beautiful patina? This should help you decide what to do with it! Don’t let “grandma’s old brass bed,” scare you. They can look great even in a modern eclectic space with the right accents. “Vintage looking,” brass is highly requested these days. People want the aged look of a patina without having to wait. If you’ve found a vintage one, you’ve hit the jackpot! Combine that antique piece with a deep accent wall, like pictured, and you’ve got a very high end look starting. It ties the bohemian touches like the poof and carpet together perfectly. Unexpected, but very stylish.

Who says oriental rugs can’t be used in modern spaces? In fact, vintage and oriental rugs have a huge presence in today’s interior style trends. Pairing one with a traditional brass bed may sound outdated. In combination with modern elements, like these geometric wooden dressers, you hone into a style that is not only up to date but also uniquely yours.

There’s nothing trendier than animal prints and fiddle leaf fig trees right now. Pair those with an elegant, vintage inspired casted iron bed for some great contrast of styles, like in this room. Adding a classic wingback chair takes this space through ages of timeless interior perfection. It perfectly pairs some of the greatest traditional elements with todays modern trends.

Casual spaces don’t have to be run down and boring. We have clean lines in the chair, bohemian touches with the side table, and coastal accents with the worn wood chest and relaxed couch. The icing on the cake of this perfectly paired room is the brass coffee table. The clean lines of this table bring a “out-dated,” metal into modern design. It’s just enough shine to finish this room off without overpowering the casual space. Contact us to make your brass inspired dreams comes true, no matter the style you’re trying to achieve.