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Introducing Worthen Furniture's Custom Forged Beds

Introducing Worthen Furniture's Custom Forged Beds

In a world dominated by mass-produced furniture, there's an undeniable charm in owning pieces that are truly unique and instilled with the personal touch of a skilled artisan. We at Worthen Furniture, a name synonymous with quality craftsmanship, have taken this concept to new heights with our latest venture - the artful creation of custom forged beds.

The Task

Upon receiving a client's request for a custom iron bed featuring forged accents to match an existing piece in their home, our response was an immediate and resounding yes! The only problem, our team lacked forging experience and our studio was not equipped with the necessary equipment to complete the project. Nevertheless, our dedicated team embraced the challenge, eagerly acquiring new metal-crafting skills and tools for the studio to flawlessly execute this challenging project.

Becoming Educated in the Art of Forging

Our team prepared to execute the new manufacturing process by visiting a local Richmond forger, John Latell, at his workshop. They learned more about the time-honored art of forging metal into unique and intricate designs. 

This antique andiron was forged to have
an unique tapered and twisted design

For large projects, John emphasized that a power hammer is necessary for the physically demanding process of hammering hot steel. According to John, if forging by hand, the ideal blacksmith would have to be be 6'4" and 275lbs to manage to the physical stress. 

Some of our team next to John's Power Hammer

Armed with newfound insights forging best practices, the team was ready to return to our studio, eager to get additional hands-on experience before starting on the bed for our client!

The team discussing forging with John at his workshop

The Process

Using our newly acquired forging oven, our team heats solid iron rods to extreme temperatures, then carefully shape the rods using hammers, anvils, and other specialized tools. This manual process brands each bed with its own unique characteristics, showcasing the marks of human craftsmanship in the metal.

 A steel rod heating up in the forge

Once the intricate detailing of the forging is complete, the bed moves on to the next steps of the manufacturing process. Our team sandblasts the bed to prepare the surface of the iron for the powder-coat paint, which is matched to the original bed brought in by the client.

The hot steel rod being hammered on an anvil
(Note the pieces of steel breaking off when hit)

Finished Product

Once the replicated bed reached the end of production and our team ensured the two beds matched down to the finish, the two beds are ready to be returned to the customer for installation! Our client's envision for a space that includes two beds where memories continue to be made is one step closer to becoming a reality!

The Original bed design we were tasked to match
A close up of the scrolled detail forged by our artisans
The bed assembled in the customer's house before final install

**Come back soon for an update on this project including pictures from the final install!**

Owning a custom bed from Worthen Furniture goes beyond just ownership; it's a journey of co-creation that contains dreams and visions. Each bed represents its owner's style, a reflection of their individuality that will stand the test of time!

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