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Painting A Metal Daybed

Painting A Metal Daybed

Your metal daybed might be needing a simple coat of paint to make it look new again. Even a part of the bed that has minor rusting can be given a new look with a little surface preparation before the paint is applied. You can find metal spray paints in different colors thereby allowing you to match the color of the metal bed with the other furniture in the room. You may even combine furniture pieces of different colors to have a creative look.

Painting your old metal beds can be an economical way to modernize the look of the beds whenever you wish. The simple steps to paint your old metal bed are discussed below. Read along to know.

Step 1

The first step is to wipe away any loose dirt and dust from the body of the metal bed using a dry and clean cloth. To remove any stuck-on dirt, you need to spray the metal bed with a household cleaner and then wipe it properly with the cloth. Make sure that the metal surface of the bed is completely dry as a moisture barrier between the paint and the metal surface can negatively affect paint adhesion.

Step 2

Make use of 80 grit sandpaper to separate any rust from the exterior of the metal bed. After removing the surface rust, rub the metal bed with the 150 grit fine sandpaper and get rid of all the loose material on the surface of the bed with a clean and soft cloth.

Step 3 

Place the bed outdoors on a drop cloth. You may also place the bed in an interior area that is well ventilated.

Step 4 

Take the spray can and shake it meticulously for a minute. This is to ensure that the paint inside the can is mixed thoroughly.

Step 5 

Hold the spray paint can about ten inches away from the metal bed and apply thin coats of paint over the complete metal surface of the bed. Start spraying before the paint touches the surface of the bed and release the spray nozzle only after you are past the surface of the bed. Make even passes from side to side ensuring to overlap each one by one-third. This will guarantee that all the facets of the bed are properly covered with paint.

Step 6 

Allow the paint to dry properly. Wait for the recommended period as given on the spray paint can before applying another coat of paint if proper coverage was not obtained on the first try.