Customizing your Worthen bed

Design your ideal bed. 

You’re not the type to settle for the standard. Fortunately, Worthen gives you many options for customization to make your bed your very own. By choosing your preferences for size, style, finish and height, we’ll create a bed that suits you perfectly.

Select from more than 40 styles of beds. They range from quintessential vintage-inspired to simple, clean and modern. 

Choose the framework for a one-of-a-kind investment. For most models, you can choose a complete bed, opt for a headboard only, or select from several designs of footboards. Canopy and daybeds are also available. 

Define your ideal height. We’ll help you determine the height that is most comfortable for you, and what size is most appropriate for your space.

We can customize any finish you’d like. Our beds are offered in a wide range of finishes. Or, if you prefer, we can customize your bed by matching a specific paint color. 

Make a statement. Every Worthen bed comes with a personalized engraved brass plaque placed on the foot of the frame. 


Are you ready to order?

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