Yes, however we caution that as the beds are handmade by individual artisans, the finish could vary.
Yes, the cost would be the same as a complete bed.
If you order a canopy initially, it is detachable and you can sometimes (except brass beds) convert the bed to a regular bed. If the bed has STRAIGHT side posts, we can often create a canopy that will work.
Yes, hybrid water beds can be accommodated by adding additional legs for support. There is an up charge for this adaptation.
Most headboards can be altered in height. Just call us to determine if the design you like would be a candidate. There is a small up charge for altering the height of a bed.
Out of State deliveries are made via a Freight Truck. Call about our many delivery options!
Most of our beds are reproductions of beds from the turn of the century. At this time, the frame of the bed was 12” from the floor versus the 8” that has become standard today. The higher frame keeps the authentic look of the reproduction. There is also some difference the look due to the height of the mattress that is used. Mattress and box spring selections have a lot to do with the height and overall appearance as well. Higher headboards allow for higher frames, providing more area for storage if desired. Headboard, footboard, and frame heights for the mattress can be altered for your personal preference in most cases.
Yes, but we do not recommend it. Quality iron headboards are very heavy and most bed frames are made of stamped steel, very light weight and flimsy. Our headboards bolted to these frames would wobble and may even pull the bolt heads through the stamped steel bolt holes. It costs a little more to get our frame system. The beds can come with an open footboard for minimal visibility, or you can get the frame system with a hidden foot which would show nothing at the foot of the bed.
This is subject to our current volume. Currently we are quoting 2-6 weeks for iron beds and brass beds are approximately 3-6 weeks.
Standard finishes are one color. They are electro-statically applied powder coats that take less than one hour to do. This is the same way automobiles are painted. Special finishes require numerous additional processes, including hand finishing with several colors and drying time in between plus a finishing coat.
Iron, steel and welded beds require only simple dusting. Most scuff marks can be removed with a soft rag and a little denatured alcohol, or mineral spirits. Refer to our blog for complete cleaning instruction for brass beds.
The beds are made to last at least 100 years so if you choose to get the bed without lacquer, the brass will outlast any coated finish. Nicks in a coated finish can provide places for moisture to accumulate and tarnish. Concentrated tarnish in a small spot could pit the brass if left alone. However, we use a commercial grade lacquering process which lasts longer than other clear finishes on the market. In order to clean the spots the coating would need to be removed from the entire bed. We sell an approved brand of brass polish to use on your bed. Many people prefer to leave the patina that develops on brass rather than polish it.
The beds are handcrafted in Richmond Virginia. Made in USA. Made in America! Our factory has been making these beds for over 40 years. We are very specialized in that the beds are our primary product so we can be the best at what we do.
We frequently ship to customers throughout the USA (and many foreign countries). To assist our customers, we quote the shipping cost in advance. Please remember, if the boxes are damaged at all, please refuse the delivery. If the boxes are damaged, chances are so is the finish on the bed.
It’s possible but not recommended. And with brass beds, the corner posts are one solid rod, top to bottom.
Natural Brass, Hand- Polished Brass (not lacquered) or Natural Brass.
We offer ways to make the mattress work on a particular bed: order the bed with an 8” frame instead of the 12”, or if you are buying a new mattress set, order it with a low-profile box spring or foundation. We also offer alterations in the height of most headboards and footboards. Our salespeople can help you determine where the top of the mattress will reach on the headboard and footboard.
Our products are Made in the USA by hand with the highest standards. They definitely represent real value and are worth the investment. Please refer to our customer testimonials!
All beds come in full and queen size, most come in twin, Olympic queen, king, and California king. A size will not be done in a bed model if the integrity of the design is affected.
No, with a standard finish there is not a contrast. The entire bed is done in one solid color finish.
The iron, steel, and brass beds should not rust unless chipped or scratched. Powder coating is very chip resistant, but like all coatings, it will react to heavy or sharp metallic objects that collide with the finish (i.e., heavy belt buckle, hammer, screw driver, heavy toy, etc.). The warranty would cover defects in manufacturing on finish, but not finish problems as a result of improper handling or care.
As with any headboard, you would use a pillow to cushion yourself against the headboard. We recommend a European sized pillow for best results/comfort.
Some originals are like that, but most are like ours. The design of ours is preferable because the strength of rails is increased in terms of buckling, or bowing out. Another reason is that our slat system (solid steel angle iron) requires this as they fit in such a way that they won’t fall or squeak, which are both characteristic of the original design.
Many of our bed designs that are available in a King are also available in California King and Olympic Queen sizes.
We do not recommend because this enables the bed to move which may eventually cause the bed to loosen up the rail joints.
The steel rods and tubes are cut and hand bent with the help of bending machines, to specifications for the particular model being made. These pieces are then laid into place on the open molds that will form the castings. Where the ends of the rods and tubes lie inside the mold a small raised bead spot is placed. This is done so that when the other half of the mold is attached and the molten mixture that is poured into the mold to form the casting, it sets-up (turns solid), with the weld beads locked into place so the rods and castings can’t pull out.
For iron beds, the rods on the inside of the design is solid. The end posts are hollow tubing, constructed from heavy either 16 gauge (.065wall) or 14 gauges (.083wall). It is hollow because the weight of solid would make the beds unmanageable to handle. All steel used in the bed’s tubing and barstock is cold rolled which costs more than hot rolled. It is harder to bend or dent cold roll steel vs. the hot roll steel. Cold roll is a hot roll steel that goes through additional process at the mill where it is cold drawn to give it more strength and finer finish. The angle iron used on the frames are hot rolled steel. For brass beds the tubing is pure brass which measures .042 and each side post is reinforced with a column of 18 gauge steel.
Daybeds accommodate a standard twin-size mattress. Box springs are not used when the daybed will be used for seating as well as sleeping, which is normally the case. In this case, a “Bunkie board” is used on top of the frame, under the mattress. Bunkie boards are about 1.5” thick, and the same width and length as a twin mattress. Trundle units take a low profile mattress. Our salespeople can help you with these decisions.
Yes, we offer both rollout and pop-up style trundles. When using a trundle under a daybed, the distance from the daybed frame to the floor (clearance), the thickness of the mattress, and the combined height of the trundle with the mattress sitting on it are critical. We normally order the daybed frame at 15.5”. Deduct the angle iron frame height (2”) and that leaves 13.5” for the trundle unit (fully depressed) and the mattress. The mattress height, for the top, would be determined by what the customer considers acceptable in terms of the seat height. For example, the frame height 15.5” plus Bunkie board 1.5” makes the seat height before adding a mattress, 17”. Therefore an 8” mattress would mean a 25” high seat, a 10”, 27”, etc.
Yes. We offer the highest quality daybeds based on the same interlocking frame system and other construction characteristics that our other beds have. The back of the daybed is screwed on but the frame for the mattress has our signature cast metal frame. Also, any of our bed models that are available in the twin size can be ordered with a footboard at both ends and an open back, to make what some people might call a “French” daybed.
Yes, some our designs are available in custom heights or lengths for an additional charge.
Yes, one reason iron beds have always been so popular is that they open up the room allowing you to be able to see the other pieces in the room (open and airy). We call this Open Architecture. They work well with a broad mix of styles and finishes from traditional to contemporary, all colors shades, textures, and materials, glass, wood, metals etc. The wood pieces in the room can accent the iron beds, and the iron bed can accent the wood for example, so all the pieces in the room are distinctive, and can be seen. They don’t run together like the old wooden “bedroom suits” did, where everything was one solid color. We reproduce popular antique bed styles and create designs that will stand the test of time.
The slats are solid steel angle iron. On a twin, double, or queen bed, there are three slats that fit horizontally between the two side rails. On a king bed there are two slats that run vertically from headboard to footboard. The king slats are drilled in the center for the attachment of two legs with an adjustable foot. The headboard and footboard sections of the frame system are also drilled in the center, for placement of two more support legs. These legs extra insurance against overload.
Yes, and there are other options available on most beds.
Although the corner post and risers are made of 16 gauge steel, which is 90% as strong as solid steel, like all tall objects, there will be some flexibility. The amount of flex is influenced by the diameter as well as length. Our canopies are the most stable on the market!
Structurally, we offer a multi generation warranty (Heirloom Warranty):
Yes, providing your mattress set is a standard size, twin, full, and queen, Olympic queen, king, or California king. Another consideration of course would be the height of the frame (you decide whether you need our standard or custom height frame).
We feel they represent a real value. When you compare the design, the solid construction, the fact that the beds are handcrafted, the Heirloom Warranty, the hand poured castings, and the artisan hand finishing, I think you will come to the same conclusion. You will even consider them to be reasonably priced. And of course, these reasons as well: the beds outweigh all others on the market and no one offers a brass or iron bed with the quality of our interlocking frame system. This exclusive system is critical in terms of a bed that is truly stable, indestructible, and unshakeable. Also, our beds are handcrafted, not mass produced. Each bed has many craftsman labor hours, which we feel makes them very special and a great value for the money. Less expensive and sometimes even more expensive beds have thinner tubing & materials and are made overseas. The finishes used are often not as aesthetically pleasing as well. Essentially, we feel you get more value for your money with our product. “Remember, regarding price versus quality, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”!
Yes, because the beds are custom made, we can offer many options. We offer an open footboard which has a minimal design with a shortened side post, and maybe a crossbar or we can do what we call a hidden foot, which has a leg hidden under the mattress. This maintains the advantage and stability of our frame system while allowing for having no visible footboard.

The standard finish is one step electro-static application of the powder paint. Electro-statically applied means the headboard or footboards are charged with electricity which causes them to become a magnet. When the powder paint becomes magnetic, it draws the powder into every crack and crevice and adheres to the metal. This creates a uniform finish that is very durable.

A special finish involves many steps of layered hand painting over an electro-statically applied powder paint, requiring many hours of additional labor which is why there is a price difference. Electro-statically applied means the headboard or footboards are charged with electricity which causes them to become a magnet. Usually the bed will get a second clear finishing powder coat (exceptions would be painted castings on a few finishes).